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Dawn Of the New Normal

Thursday, October 14, 2021

2 pm eastern


Eszylfie Taylor

Dawn of The New Normal

The “New Normal” presentation takes a timely look at how to successfully navigate 2020 and 2021 during the “COVID19” era. Eszylfie Taylor will help you put these times into perspective with the right mindset and show you how to conduct MORE meetings by becoming efficient with technology and social media. He’ll share with you sales ideas he uses in his own practice that you can begin to implement immediately into your own and generate the biggest months of production in 2021.

Key Takeaways:
  •  Learn how to navigate a post-Covid environment as a financial advisor
  • Better understand the power of content marketing and how to create exponential reach
  • Learn the language and process to increase your insurance sales

After Eszylfie's presentation, please remain online for "Word on the Street"  brought to you by IFAPAC. These breakouts provide an opportunity for interaction and Q&A with our featured speaker, value-added content, and camaraderie.




1:55 pm
Live Broadcast Begins
2:00 pm
Dawn of The New Normal with Eszylfie Taylor
2:50 pm
Word on the Street
brought to you by IFAPAC
Stay online to partake in our "Word on the Street" breakout for a unique opportunity to interact with this month's featured speaker, get value-added content, and share in building NAIFA camaraderie.

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Eszlfie Taylor

Eszylfie Taylor

President, Taylor Insurance & Financial Services