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How to Roll Out NAIFA Live in Your State

Interested in Hosting a Watch Party? 

Follow these Easy Steps!


Watch Party Timeline



2 months prior

Chapter begins work on lining up watch party locations

2 months prior

Interested chapter completes form indicating interest in learning more about getting involved with NAIFA Live.

Upon submission of interest form

NAIFA SET rep holds onboarding call with chapter to get them started and sends tech requirements and CE requirements documents.

30+ days prior

Chapter submits watch party locations via online form as they are confirmed

30+ days prior

NAIFA posts toolkit on Leaders Center, to include:

· Program description

· Presenter bio and headshot

· Program timeline

· Timed CE outline

· Program discussion questions and case studies

· Social media banners

30+ days prior

NAIFA creates landing page and sets up registration including all watch party sites

30 days prior

NAIFA begins email promotions

1+ week prior

Chapter submits online form indicating CE approval/denial in their state

1 week prior

If applicable, chapter creates CE materials approved for use in their state and sends to watch party hosts

1-2 weeks prior

NAIFA creates one-page national update highlighting 3-5 major talking points (upcoming events, IFAPAC, etc.) that can be presented during watch parties.

1-2 days prior

NAIFA loads watch party location panelists, sending Zoom link to each host

Day of event

Watch Party sites participate in tech check in beginning 30 minutes prior to live broadcast

Day of event

Watch Party sites will take photos, and create testimonials to be uploaded on national social media posts or contract with NAIFA to administer

1-2 days post event

NAIFA will provide the designated event contact with the CE report for virtual viewers (if applicable)

Within 1 week post event

Chapter submits CE credits from watch parties and virtual attendees (if applicable)


Download the Watch Party Host Guide

Who Does What?



Email Marketing


Social Media Posting

Both NAIFA and Chapter

Identify watch party locations and submit to NAIFA


CE filing (Approval, Materials, Credit Submission)


Ensure virtual attendee CE compliance and report to chapter


Gather presentation and speaker info

Host Chapter

Distribute presentation and speaker info



Tips on Lining Up Watch Parties

Possible Watch Party Locations

  • General agencies with training rooms
  • Smaller agencies with conference room
  • Public libraries
  • Community Colleges
  • Country Club/Golf Club
  • Think outside the box! Any gathering place with a quiet area, that meets the tech requirements, works!


Audio/Visual Requirements
  • Laptop
  •  Projector and screen OR TV that can hook up to laptop, OR large computer monitor
  • Audio capabilities—sound system, computer speakers, conference phone
  • Strong internet connection


Who Can Host a Watch Party?
  • Anyone is welcome to host a watch party in their community!
  • Local affiliates are encouraged to use this as their new monthly meeting format or as a supplement to a larger program
  • Agency managers can host a watch party for their agents


What To Do Once You’ve Lined Up a Watch Party


Other Tips
  • NAIFA will begin providing a one-pager with announcements that can be shared at the meeting as well as discussion items for after the broadcast is over. Make sure the watch party host is aware of this and plans to utilize these.