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Differentiating Your Practice Through Your Sales Process

Thursday, September 21, 2023

2 pm eastern


Loyal NAIFA member since 1998 and President & Co-Founder of Hoopis Performance Network, Joey Davenport, CLU, CLF, will present during NAIFA Live this month.

During this session, you'll receive language, tools, and techniques to apply to your sales process to differentiate your practice in the market. We begin with insights into today’s consumer mindset that creates procrastination: lack of trust, fear, and confusion. You’ll learn field-tested practices to enhance your process for business development, collaborative discovery, applying behavioral economics techniques, and increasing the efficiency of your practice. You will not want to miss this!

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Imagine creating a niche-based insurance practice with an established client base before you are even licensed. Or running the investment division of a bank while still a college undergraduate.

These unusual paths have led our January NAIFA Live presenters to life-changing results and wealth accumulation. Their success began with ideas that followed no set template, ideas formed in curiosity, insight, and possibility. 

Join Hunter Gimbel, Doug Grady, and Caleb Guilliams as they introduce you to concepts that you will not hear in your current environment and perspectives that will open the door to unimaginable success. Hosted by Howard Sharfman, Senior Managing Director at NFP Insurance Solutions, NAIFA brings you the top young talent as they share transferable sales ideas that you can implement immediately. 

Have someone who you think would enjoy this presentation but isn't a NAIFA member? New for 2023, NAIFA members can extend a special invitation to fellow industry professionals who are not members to participate in NAIFA Live!

For January's broadcast, download the guest invitation, send it to the people you have in mind, and have them register by clicking the link or scanning the QR code on the invitation.

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This month's NAIFA Live is sponsored by

Penn Mutual


Please remain online for our "Word on the Street" breakout rooms. These breakouts provide an opportunity for interaction and Q&A with our featured speaker(s), value-added content, and networking.



Hunter Gimbel

Hunter Gimbel

CEO and Managing Partner at Gaber Group

Doug Grady

Doug Grady

Author, Speaker, Business Coach

Caleb Guilliams

Caleb Guilliams

Founder at BetterWealth

Howard Sharfman

Howard Sharfman

Senior Managing Director at NFP Solutions