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Leveraging FinTech

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

2 pm eastern


Jeremy Hallett

Leveraging FinTech
Technology is setting the pace for new processes and opportunities to create better consumer experiences. These opportunities will disrupt all industries and insurance is no exception. Agents and advisors will successfully leverage technology by seeing what the digital disruptors are offering American consumers and by evolving with the new world that has already arrived. Agents and advisors who are looking to envision their business’ future will find this presentation valuable.

During his presentation, Jeremy will cover definitions of key terms and common concepts, and how they apply to the insurance industry. You will be introduced to new ideas, carriers, and products entering into the insurance market to which we all need to pay attention. You will also learn how insurtechs are offering a different value to consumers even with the current advantage held by legacy carriers.

Key Takeaways:
  • How carriers are using technology to build relationships with clients;
  • The role of big data and AI in underwriting life insurance, finding fraud, teaching call centers to close, paying claims and more;
  • An understanding of the evolution; happening in insurtech and fintech and how it is changing the relationship between client, agent, and company;
  • How insurance companies use big data to underwrite their clients and how to have a conversation with those clients about the digitization of insurance.

This session has been approved for 1 Continuing Education hour in IL, MS, MO, NM, OK, PA, & WY.


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Leveraging FinTech with Jeremy Hallet
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Jeremy Hallett

Jeremy Hallett

Founder & CEO, Quotacy, Inc.

Jeremy Hallett is co-founder and CEO of Quotacy, Inc., a direct-to-consumer digital life insurance brokerage headquartered in Minneapolis. The company’s mission is to help everyone who has loved ones—who depend on them financially—to own a life insurance policy. Mr. Hallett is also CEO of Hallett Financial Group, Inc., a brokerage general agency (BGA) that distributes life insurance, annuities, disability, and long term care products. Hallett Financial has been serving over 2000 insurance agents and financial advisors since 1990. Jeremy’s partnerships—across technology, insurance, and finance—stem from his willingness to spark innovation and his curiosity about what’s possible in life and business. Playing sax and meditating daily keep him happy and humble.