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Things I Wish I Knew: How to Market Like a Rock Star

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Things I Wish I Knew: How to Market Like a Rock Star

Five NAIFA young advisors consider what they know now what they wish they would have known then.  These tips are relevant to all advisors, if you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran. Here's our line up:

More Bling for Your Cha-Ching: Carina Hatfield

Git 'Er Dun with AUM: Rob Landgraf

Pitch Please, with Podcasts: Ryan Jewell

Baby Got Tech (I Like Big Tech & I Cannot Lie): Kathleen Owings

Fuzzy & Fearless: Naked Marketing: Chris Robinette

After the presentations, stick around for a new 30 minute session, Word on the Street, brought to you by IFAPAC.   Join our speakers in breakout rooms and continue the conversation!


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Carina Hatfield

Owner, Weigner Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.


Rob Landgraf

Director, RSM Wealth Management
Ryan Jewell

Ryan Jewell

Brokerage Manager, Guardian
Kathleen Owings-336x336

Kathleen Owings, LACP

Principal & Financial Advisor, Westbilt Financial Group
chris robinette336x336

Chris Robinette, LUTCF

Financial Planner, Lighthouse Planning