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"Own Your Own Story"

Thursday, February 13, 2020

2-4 PM eastern


hosted by:   NAIFA_Indianawhite 

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"Own Your Own Story"

Everyone has a story and stories sell. If you are trying to be persuasive, the art of storytelling is one of your greatest tools in order to effectively convey information. Great storytelling is based on a deep understanding of your audience--who are they, where do they come from and more importantly, what do they value? This session will focus on both developing your own personal story that positions you as a compelling resource, as well as learning how to flex to the moment to tell stories that will resonate with your prospects and clients. 

Learn from Megan Easton, an expert professional at brand storytelling. You will walk away with a clear view of who you are, your differentiating points and how you will publicly tell your story to grow your business.







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Megan Easton
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Megan Easton

Megan Easton

Director of Retirement Training & Consumer Education for Ash Brokerage
Suzanne Carawan
Storytelling is what sticks. It has been my honor to craft NAIFA's story and I want everyone to learn from Megan how to craft their own story so that it sings true and naturally attracts the right clients and contacts that stick.
Suzanne Carawan
VP, Marketing & Communications, NAIFA Home Office