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Get to the "YES!"

How to Increase Trust, Connection, and Likeability in 3 Minutes or Less

Thursday, March 16, 2023
2 pm eastern


Do you want to deepen relationships with current clients and quickly win new business? Do you have your sights set on retaining assets across multiple generations? If you answered YES, this session is for you!

Consumers today are not choosing advisors based primarily on credentials, experience, or rates of return; those are expected. Instead, they’re choosing advisors based on how an advisor makes them FEEL.

That’s why if you want an edge (especially with Boomer females, Millennials, and GZ), you’ll want to communicate in a way that demonstrates your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

One powerful way to show EQ, is by leveraging a specific storytelling strategy -- your Personal Brand Why Story (PBWS). When you learn how to package and share this story in a way that’s meaningful for your ideal clients, you’ll accelerate trust AND buy-in.

In this interactive presentation, you will:

  • Understand why after hearing your Personal Brand WHY Story, your ideal clients could be in a room full of your competitors and will still make a beeline for you!
  • Experience first-hand how telling your Personal Brand WHY Story will increase trust, connection, and likeability in 3 minutes or less.
  • Discover why humanizing yourself and your company is critical to the future of your business.
  • Learn why sharing the right Personal Brand WHY Story is like pouring lighter fluid on all your conversations, presentations, and recruiting/marketing activities.
  • Discover how top producers are using their stories to attract clients and get to the “YES!” quicker.

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About the Presenter

Deirdre Van Nest

Crazy Good Talks


Crazy Good Talks

Deirdre Van Nest

Deirdre Van Nest is a top-rated international Keynoter, Speaking Coach, Story Strategist, and the founder of Crazy Good Talks; a company devoted to helping financial professionals and entrepreneurs fast-track their Know, Like, and Trust Factor so they get to the “YES!” quicker. She welcomes your connection request on LinkedIn, and you can check out her services by going to www.crazygoodtalks.com and www.deirdre-speaking.com.


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